The Start of School can be the Start of Your Success

It's that time of year again - the start of school. Many of us wish the summer could last longer but most of our children are headed back to school within the next week or two. With the start of school, all of us find that the structure of our schedule improves. The summer can be hectic and it's hard to keep to a schedule. This is a great time to schedule what is most important for you! We find that many people are successful in working out if they schedule it at the start of the year and make it a priority. For instance, if you drop your child off at 7:00 am it's easy to work out at 7:30 am two days a week if you make that a priority now. If you are wishing to eat better go ahead and plan your child's lunch for school as you plan yours. This is a great time to make changes in your schedule as the shift is naturally occurring. We encourage you to use this time to set some goals and be the best version of yourself. If you need help feel free to call us at Richard's Fitness for a consultation 706-499-7532.

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