We Are Here For You!

At Richard's Fitness, we are here to help you with your health and fitness goals.  We can help you lose weight, with general fitness and weightlifting, guided exercise, post physical therapy, senior fitness, geriatric fitness, and doctor prescribed exercise.  We are not a gym but an upscale personal training facility with private workout rooms and one-on-one private training.  We offer a welcoming and safe environment for our clients so that you will feel comfortable and confident.

All training is personalized to you and by appointment only.  We start with a consultation so that you have an opportunity to see the facility and identify your goals.


About Richard's Fitness

Richard's Fitness was founded by Richard Windham, with a desire to help people live life to the fullest, with a healthy body and mind.  He started his career working in Cardiac Rehab but realized that many of the people he was helping would be better served if they had never had to have a heart procedure in the first place.  This prompted Richard to work with people doing prehab, instead of rehab.

At Richard's Fitness, we facilitate a variety of client needs.  Through personal training, our clients have success with weight loss, change in body composition (more lean muscle mass and less body fat), increased flexibility, and overall well being.

When clients lose weight and change their diet they see an improvement in their A1C level and are often times able to come off medication for diabetes (with doctor direction).

We also are able to help in areas of specialization that include: senior and geriatric fitness, sports specific training for athletes, transition to exercise after physical therapy, and developing confidence in middle school and high school-aged teens.

Whatever your fitness goal is, we are here to help in a safe and welcoming environment that is geared toward your success!



Richard Windham



Richard has been a personal trainer since 1996, has a BS in exercise science from the University of North Georgia, and is ACSM certified.  Richard opened his first private training facility in 2003 and has logged over 50,000 hours as a personal trainer.  He is an outdoor enthusiast, is married to Annie Windham, and has four sons.

Richard's practice has changed over the course of time and he has transitioned to coaching CEO's and business owners to help them focus on career goals.  Richard provides consulting for business owners focusing on year over year growth and planning as well as staff development.

Carey Woodall



Carey has worked at Richard's Fitness for Fourteen (14) years and is a co-owner of the Dahlonega location.  He is a graduate of the University of North Georgia and is AFAA certified for personal training.  He is married to Courtney Woodall and is a WWII reactor.

Malcom Adams



Malcom has worked at Richard's Fitness for Nine (9) years. He attended Toccoa Falls College on a baseball scholarship. Malcolm specializes in the area of kinesiology and has developed the reputation of a healer. He is CPT certified for personal training. Malcom plays softball on a professional level during his free time.

Zach Lippincott



Zach Lippincott is in his second year at Richard's Fitness.  He attended Piedmont University on a track and field scholarship and has a degree in exercise science.  Zach is very successful in the area of weight loss. Zach is an outdoor enthusiast and loves to kayak and hike.

Joseph Unthank



Joseph Unthank is in his first year at Richard's Fitness.  He has worked in personal training for four years and recently moved from South Carolina to join the team at Richard's Fitness.  He is passionate about the field of personal training and is certified by the National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF).


Athletic Training

At Richard's Fitness we are experienced in training young athletes.  We have worked with students that have received football and baseball scholarships and also those who play basketball, softball, soccer, and golf.  If you want to give your student an edge we provide weight training, agility, and conditioning.


At Richard's Fitness we are experienced in helping you achieve your weight loss goals.  We tailor a plan that is specific to you and provide you with the accountability and support to reach your goals.  With over 25 years of experience we are confident that you will see results with no gimmicks and no supplements.  We will teach you how to be successful in your everyday life.

Senior Fitness

At Richard's Fitness we specialize in working in senior and geriatric fitness - 60% of the clientele at Richard's Fitness is 65 or older.  We help seniors regain their life by gaining strength and mobility.  This is a specialized field and we have 25 years of experience  helping seniors enhance their lifestyle. 


At Richard's Fitness we are best known for our personal training services.  We provide an hour workout with a cool down that includes stretching and a sports massage.  We also provide thirty minute workouts.  Personal training can be used to help you achieve your weight loss goals or to help you achieve a fitness goal.  We tailor plans specific to each client.


Clarkesville, GA

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Clarkesville, GA 30523


Dahlonega, GA

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